Monday, January 30, 2012

January ROUND UP

I like "Katie the Scrapbook Lady"'s idea of a monthly round up! She answers all kinds of questions but I think I'm going to start by rounding up my favourite pictures at the end of each month. I'm hoping it will help me to focus on not only taking better pictures but taking them more often. They bring back all kinds of memories and maybe doing this will help me to actually scrap a yearly album! So here are my favourites for JANUARY 2012, and believe me it was hard to stay to 12.....

Visited Kelowna for New Year's and took some pictures at the Edis house...I was not happy with how they turned out but I did get one cute one of Rebecca with one of her best friends Michelle, of them doing the heart sign.
 Have to admit lots of my favourites include this little cutie, my grandson Everett! Now that he and Danielle are staying with us for a little while (Tim is in school in Calgary), we are getting to know him better and I am getting more pictures!!
 The newly engaged couple having fun with the presents that Tim and Danielle brought from Calgary! A little too much kissing going on according to Papa!!
 Happy, happy Melodie who scored a case of INKA KOLA that Tim and Danielle found in Calgary! This is the major beverage in Peru and it's pretty hard to find here in Canada!!
 Couldn't resist this shot of Daddy reading to Everett...scrapped this page last year, might have to do a side by side shot.
 Had fun taking pictures of these flowers Tim bought Danielle for her 25th birthday on January 6th.
 Mitchell and his team the Brocklehurst Broncs won their first tournament! Some pretty happy ball players...
 Had fun scrapping this page, my kids all together for the first time in ages. It was pretty funny to find out that tallest to shortest goes from youngest to oldest...which Mitchell is quite happy about!
I love this picture because it just shows Mitchell's height. He has grown so much in the last year, hard to believe but he now wears a size 11 shoe. Of course, this certainly helps him in basketball!

 Fun picture of Grandpa with Everett! Grandpa reflexes are being tested daily with a little grandson around, from stroller tipping to spitting up...Don is learning to move fast again!!
 We had to laugh when Everett eagerly joined the big kids in dancing to "Just Dance!"
 This month has been busy and fun with lots of family dinners. I never know how many will be sitting down at the table, but I do know that no matter how much food I make if we don't eat it that night...the leftovers will go the next day with all these men around!! Lots of laughing, visiting and discussions around our table again!!

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