Friday, August 20, 2010

Quiet Day

As much as I enjoyed going to the movies last night with friends (we went and saw Eat, Pray, Love) I don't think I better go to the late one anymore! I have been tired and lethargic all's been tough to get anything done. Lots of business meetings with Darren this morning since Don is out of town, I learned lots.....most of all I learned how little I know!!
I miss my men. Don and Mitchell went out camping with the Scouts last night and don't get back until tomorrow. I bet they are having lots of fun, Mitchell was pretty excited to go. Don will have lots of work when he gets back, we will need to set up the new desks. Will include a picture when I get them set up. I've decided to write whether I have a picture or not. I was trying to blog with a picture all the time but then I wouldn't write at all, so this is better.
I miss my Melodie, some days worse than others.

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