Friday, August 06, 2010

Getting to the Cayman Islands

Here we are on the plane flying from Calgary to Dallas, Texas, then on to Miami. Our last flight went from
Miami to Grand Cayman Islands! It was quite the long day for us especially since we didn't get much sleep the night before. We had to be at the airport by 5am on Wednesday because our flight left at 7. Danielle bless her heart drove us to the airport. We arrived in Georgetown at about 8pm and Darren was there to meet us at the airport!

 We found out that in the Grand Cayman everybody drives on the left, so brand new experience for Don who has never had to drive on the left before! What's pretty unique about here is that they have very few traffic lights, everywhere you go our traffic circles. So you just have to figure out every time you hit one, which turn you need to take! Don seemed to figure it out pretty quick though!

Have to mention how wonderful it is that Darren and Sioban Hatcherd (Don and Darren went to optometry school together) found us the cutest condo right on the beach where we could stay. We are celebrating our 25th wedding anniversary and are pretty amazed that we can be here. It is the most beautiful little is a picture of the back door.

Here is the beautiful kitchen equipped with everything you need whether you want to cook or eat out. It has dishes, appliances and is completely set up. It even has a garbage disposal! Have to admit, it's even nicer than my kitchen at home.

Big gorgeous kitchen table which it usually filled with our books since 2 people don't take up much room!

Thought our kids might like to see the 2 bedrooms that come with the condo!

It has a beautiful screened in porch that comes with barbeque and big bins filled with snorkeling gear, boogie boards and whatever you need to have fun in the ocean! It's also equipped with huge aluminum shutters on every door and window as protection against hurricanes. I loved just sitting here reading and looking out on the ocean, hearing the waves crash on the beach.

This is the beautiful view from our back door! The sand is amazing...and Don quickly found crabs and geckos.

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