Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Camping at Monck Park

Wanted to write that we had a wonderful time camping in the Monck Park Provincial campground last month! We ended up camping with the Wilsons, Edis and Lambs. So happy to have Danielle and little Everett with us, just too bad Tim couldn't come (but he had to work). Jaymie and Luke joined us as well with little Mari, Danielle was sure glad since they are best friends.  Lots of visiting, eating and hanging out at the beach. The kids were happy to play volleyball and even got a big game of soccer going a few times. They loved getting out on the Lamb's boat and did lots of tubing as well. Glad Craig had his guitar so we could have a song campfire! Best of summer, camping and having fun with friends!

We learned that the best way to eat Smores is to use Nutella instead of chocolate, they were amazing! Thanks for the tip Helen! This picture just makes me hungry, although I was getting strange looks from my kids when I started taking pictures of it.....
Bright happy girls together again, just missing Melodie and Vanessa!

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