Friday, July 06, 2012


Enjoying the 4th of July parade here in Rockaway Beach...we all had to laugh when the policeman directing traffic told the girls...."since I'm old enough to be your Grandpa, I think I can safely say, you girls are all drop dead pretty!!" Lots of red faces.... 
 Everett trying to hold up his thumb like Uncle Scott is teaching him, tricky things thumbs!

One of several floats in the parade...surprisingly this small town had streets lined up with people gathered together for the parade. We wondered where they all came from...lots of cars, trucks and not many decorations unless you count all the red, white and blue flags! I think they spent their budget on the fireworks which were stupendous!!!
A few horses and beautiful cowgirls....

Everett's favourite float, which Melodie had to stop him to keep him from going out and riding this one!!


Mitchell spending time crabbing with the other men, one of his favourite past times this trip.....the catching crabs kind not the complaining kind, lol!!

The shivering cheerleaders...the wind off the ocean was cold!!! But they still look good, even cold, not sure how much crabbing was going on is this corner though!

Happy, happy crabcatcher...learned all kinds of things about crabs Don did...the size, the kinds, the gender, what to use to catch them with and lots of other useful knowledge to a guy who wants to catch them and not just buy them in the store. He also learned that his wife refuses to toss them into a pot of boiling water and that's another one of his "he-man" job if he wants to eat fresh crab!!!

The happy "one year" married couple who really should live by the ocean because Scott would fill his plate every night with what he's caught from the ocean that morning! Good luck MOM!

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