Saturday, July 07, 2012


A picture down Memory Lane on Thursday....this was the school Danielle and Melodie went to in Forest Grove, Oregon. They went to kindergarten, Grade 1, 2 and 3 here at Harvey Clarke Elementary...they still remember some of their fun teachers....

Had to take a picture of the townhouses we lived in 20 years ago...I was so grateful to be able to get into this townhouse B! The rent was subsidized and made such a difference in our expenses, considering the horrendous tuition to Optometry School! We moved into Forest Grove with our 3 little girls...not too many of the other students had kids, forget 3 so our three were pretty special and were always made much of by Don's classmates!

Don's optometry school in Forest Grove!

I'm not in this picture when Don graduated because I was at home in Canada on bed rest with a baby! Bittersweet moment for me because I was so upset that I missed his graduation....
The Portland Shopping Crowd....notice that we now have Kevin amongst and look how happy Melodie is!!! We picked him up from the airport!

Vanessa's cute chauffeur!!

We were happy to meet up with some old friends from optometry school! Don went to Pacific with Lorne and Roz Yudcovitch and they were able to meet up with us at Applebees in fun to exchange stories! Friends from long ago always seem to remember stories that you have forgotten!

Long but happy day!

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Carol Kerfoot said...

HI Kasandra
I received your message but it was cutoff and I was unable to retrieve your phone number to get back to you. Melodie told me you were a photographer so I took a chance and googled you and came across your blog.
Anyway please send me an email as I am out of town for a bit but will be checking mail and would love to answer your questions.

Thanks again and talk to you soon,


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