Wednesday, July 04, 2012


We've certainly enjoyed being here in Oregon! We arrived Sunday night and found this house we had rented...this is the back view. The inside was nice and big with lots of room, good thing since there are 10 of us, 11 if Kevin can make it Thursday.

 The kids were happy to find a volleyball net in the backyard and they've been out there keeping busy! Here is Mitchell showing his sweet volleyball skills....

Hopefully Everett is having fun as well  with all these aunts and uncles....

One of our must visits on Tuesday, the Tillamook Cheese Factory! We visited this years ago when we just had the three girls and still remember it! Seriously, cheese heaven....and for us Canadians, the cheese is sooo cheap!!!!

Silly cheese pictures....what a cute couple!!

Pretty crazy all the work that goes into making cheese, this is the packaging area!!

Can you tell who LOVES ice cream?

Drinking good stuff... notice the difference in size of containers!

We also took a quick hike up Munson the pouring rain.

So happy to have Michelle Edis with us...

Family Pictures...just missing Kevin and Tim!!

to be continued....

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