Friday, December 02, 2011

Vanessa and Amie

I was surprised to find this picture on my camera! This was taken at Melodie's Open House last Sunday when we had scads of people over to welcome her home. It was a pretty crazy day, with talks at church and then lots of company but it was a really happy day too. Unfortunately, when the "get together" is at my house I am "Martha" busily making sure there is enough food, enough dishes, enough punch and trying to visit with everyone so the camera is forgotten. I think I took two it was with delight that I found some other ones, but I didn't know who took them until I asked and Amie said it was Don! So good for my sweetie for picking up the camera!
I loved this picture but decided to put Pioneer Woman's Colorized and Burnt Edges on it and love how it turned out. This is one Vanessa's best friends, Amie Short....they are in the nursing program together. I love how Don got Scott in the background. Will have to remember to give him the camera more often if I am busy!!

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