Wednesday, December 07, 2011


 Had to laugh the other day when a controversy arose over EGG NOG! At our house it is a hot commodity, I can only buy it at Christmas and when I do we are lucky if it lasts a day! I always try to find it on sale because of that. Apparently, someone who is not in our family yet, professed to NOT LIKING egg nog which absolutely flabbergasted Melodie and Mitchell! They could not believe that someone could not like egg nog: What's not to like?  they asked! He didn't like "raw eggs" and wouldn't believe them when they said it didn't taste like raw eggs. When they said that egg nog and pumpkin pie were just the symbols of Christmas, he replied that he didn't like pumpkin pie either!!! WELL, that was it for them...Melodie declared the relationship was doomed! How could a couple make it if one of them DID NOT like egg nog or pumpkin pie??? Needless to say, I was laughing my head off and so was Mitchell.
So that's it folks, at our house if you step foot over the mat you better be a egg nogging, pumpkin pier or just don't show up!!


Emily said...

I had to comment because I, too, am not a fan of egg nog :p I'm happy to buy it for my family though. And tell Mel that it's actually a plus...all the more for her!! said...

That is too funny! The differences we discover hey? Better to find out now than later - after she has cooked him pumpkin pie for ten years and then he confesses he doesn't like it.


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