Saturday, December 17, 2011


Discovered a wonderful, inspiring website today that I look forward to following and reading. I know the owner of this site, Chantelle Adams and she has an amazing writing and speaking ability. Her "Foundations for Life Leadership Training" is motivational and inspiring. What I also love about it, is her journaling challenges that she includes in many of her posts! In her article on "Simply Write" she asks us to think of:

What happened lately that made me SMILE?

Had to laugh at the James boys absolutely thrilled to see Uncle Scott swimming with the sharks! Family heroes...

What am I most GRATEFUL for right now?

When visiting Prince George all the kids decided to sit on Santa's lap! I am always grateful for family,  just sorry that Danielle, Tim and Everett couldn't be with us.

What is lacking in my life and how can I achieve greater BALANCE?

Grateful for Don who is not only my husband but my best friend! I struggle with friendships and being included, knowing that it is also my problem because I tend to be a bit of a hermit. I lack perspective and want to be a better friend. I do want to be friendly with everyone but do not like fair weather friends. So I am always thankful for a wonderful husband who is always my BEST friend.  

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