Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Vanessa at the Temple

Well we had an amazing Easter weekend because we were at the temple with our Vanessa! This was her first time through because she is getting married on June 10. We drove down Friday night with her and Scott, stopped in Chilliwack at a wonderful little Japanese restaurant called Osaka Sushi and had a fun dinner and then stayed with George and Sharon Hara that night in Abbotsford (they live right next to the Abbotsford Stake Centre). So glad we stayed with them, they are so warm and friendly and so we will be back. Deanne and I went through all her wedding decorations the next day and found lots, including a pond!

Saturday was a beautiful day to go through the temple! How wonderful to be in the temple with our third daughter. There's such a feeling of love and amazement there, a feeling of wonderment.

So grateful that Danielle could fly out for the day to be with us! I know she was disappointed that she couldn't be there for Melodie because she was too far along in her pregnancy, so this was special to her as well.

We were so happy to have the Piersons, Lambs and Wilsons with us as well, it made for such a special day. Melodie was there with us in spirit!!!

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