Friday, April 08, 2011

Melodie's Mission Year Mark!

Well Melodie has been out a year now on April 6! Frankly, sometimes it has seem like yesterday that she left and sometimes it seems like forever since we have seen her. We still miss her tons but love to get her emails. She sent a few pictures a few weeks ago and I thought I would post them.  The whole time she has been in Peru she has only seen one Canadian...apparently she saw a young man on the street with a Canadian flag on his hat and she was so excited she almost went up and hugged him....luckily she remembered she's a missionary and can't! I think she misses Canada although she is loving Peru!   

We had to laugh at this picture she sent! She told us that pigs are allowed to just roam free all over but we didn't realize how big they were! Mel also mentioned that there are dogs that run free all over and they are always hungry, she feels sorry for them. They must not have a very good spaying system there.

Well here she is having ate guinea pig which apparently they eat regularly in Peru! We had heard that they did but she has never mentioned that she had it for dinner until she sent this picture! Apparently she has also eaten cow intestines which she did not care for much, hmmm wonder why! I'm glad she is so brave! In Peru the missionaries have pensionistas that cook and clean for them, I think it is mainly for health reasons. I know she has had some wonderful women who she is grateful for.

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Oh my - I love the pictures. That pig is hilarious. I am concerned for the guinea pig though. Thanks for the update!


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