Thursday, August 11, 2011

Vanessa and Scott Pierson

 It has been over 2 months now and it's still hard to believe that our little Vanessa is married to Scott Pierson from next door! I love this picture from their wedding because Vanessa looks so happy! Two months later and she is still happy whenever I talk to her on the phone, other than missing home. They are living and working in Edmonton for the summer.
 So glad that Kevin brought our Mel's picture that he had made. Everybody laughed when we included this but it made it just a tiny bit better because we all missed her so much!
 This happened to be one of my most favourite pictures that Russ and Jenn McCue took of the wedding. I think it's because it reminds me that weddings are a community effort! My kids have been influenced, loved and raised by not just their parents but by friends, teachers, neighbours and the community around them. This is the end result of a lot of love and effort! Not only that, but as a couple Scott and Vanessa will now have the opportunity to be an influence and an example to those around them, to take part in the community that raised them...
 Another one of my favourite pictures! What a beautiful daughter I have inside and out!
 Bless Ryan for reading a poem that Melodie wrote for the wedding. I know he had a tough time getting through it but he did a great job! It was pure MEL...a Dr. Seuss poem written to Vanessa and Scott in rhyme, it was funny, touching and full of love!
The end of the night....another daughter happily married but gone forever from our house! We miss our girls but feel so blessed to be their parents!

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