Thursday, March 18, 2010

What are 3 things you want to remember?

I was visiting with our missionaries the other day because Elder Serdar was transferred to Sydney and we were talking about journals. They both struggle with journal writing and I encouraged them to write three things every day that they would want to remember. It made me think that I should focus on that more: What are three things that I want to remember about today?

First, Vanessa and I went to see a new dentist, Dr. Kiss to discuss getting her wisdom teeth extracted. I was a little nervous about going to a new office but was really impressed with their care and concern. I really enjoyed the visit, found out that because they do it in the surgical centre it is covered by MSP which is a big relief. I just wish they were closer than Valleyview because I would probably go visit them more often. I think Vanessa feels better about the whole experience now that they have explained it.

Second, I was grateful today to make supper for a friend who is having her kitchen renovated, I know it has been really stressful for her and so it was nice to take the time to do that. I am sorry that people find it so hard sometimes to accept help, "we are our brother's keeper!" I need to make sure I do it more often. It was especially fun to come home and find a plate of cookies with a "thank you" note from a friend who we helped move!

Third, we went bowling with Nicola Eye Care tonight for Strykes for Tykes. I was grateful to have our family with us, Mitchell and the girls had fun will be one of our last times to do so with Melodie for awhile. A lot of those "last times" keep coming up, which is why I keep playing cards with her instead of getting my work done!

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