Monday, March 22, 2010

"This must be Sister Mathieson!"

Sometimes your heart is so full, it's hard to find the words and this was one of those times for me. March 12, 2010 was a precious weekend as we joined our daughter Melodie as she went through the Seattle temple for the first time. It was a spiritual, uplifting time, as we bonded together as family. We look forward to the day when all of our children are with us. "This must be Sister Mathieson!" said one of the sweet ladies that greeted us and from then on she was taken care of every step of the way. So glad to have a compassionate, dedicated daughter who loves the Saviour.  We will so miss her when she leaves on her mission to Lima, Peru but we know she will be changing lives!

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Debbie and Doug said...

Hola Mathieson familia,
thanks for checking out our blog. you have a lovely blog. we hope to have the opportunity to go to lima and see hermana mathieson ! she is in a different mission. to bad. that would have been fun, she could help me with spanish! i hope she is prepared for the way the people live here.they are poor and their floors are mostly dirt, but they try and keep that clean. sanitation is a problem, not a lot of bathrooms, that look like at home bathrooms. this is a 3rd world country. something i didn't really understand. we are so happy to hear from you, hope you and all of your family are doing well.
los whitney


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