Saturday, May 16, 2009

What's Been Happening!

I wish I was better at keeping my Blog! I go through good days and then get busy and don't do it for awhile. I've been reading a writing book that encourages you to write every day for at least 10 minutes. I answer emails but that's not always what I want to write and it's not really keeping track of my own life.
I've been so happy to be home, just feels good to be here getting things done! I think we have been so focused on Disneyland for so long that it's funny to have it all over and be focusing on different things.
What I want to remember about these last few weeks:
*The wonderful memories that we made in Disneyland!
*How grateful I was to be able to gather with Don's family for Burnie's funeral.
*Thankful to have Ryan and Darci (with their 3 boys, Sam, Zach and Connor) visiting with us this weekend.
*Especially happy to have Ryan here to help Don empty the pool so we can get the liner changed in the next couple of weeks.
*The fellow doing our pool explained to us how he can get our hot tub up and running for a pretty reasonable price so hope to do that this fall!
*Another anxious morning waiting for a daughter to come back from a driving test......third daughter and she didn't pass but learned lots from the experience so will be doing it again.
*Happy to have Sandra buy my camera today, it was the one that had to be sent to be fixed, didn't get back in time for my Disneyland trip so they replaced it.
*We went to the airport to welcome our two missionaries home, Lauren Razeau and Corey Jensen, it was a special night.
*Pretty happy to know that Vanessa is a co-valedictorian for her graduating class! She is just thrilled to be doing something her sisters haven't, lol.
*Still love scrapbooking digitally and just wish I had more time for it!
*Excited to find out that Melodie has won an all expense paid trip to Quebec for an RT conference because she and her roommates entered and won a contest for RT students to make a video!
*Learned again a valuable lesson: People are more important than things!!

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