Thursday, April 02, 2009

My Boogie Kids!!!

Rebecca and Mitchell who I usually have to drag out of bed on Wednesday and Friday mornings to help me do their papers, informed me last night that they wanted to get up this morning and go running! I was a little nonplussed but told them I would get them up. So to my surprise, Rebecca was up and dressed before I was (Mitchell was ready to go back to bed but then found out Rebecca was up) and so at 6 this morning I have these 2 wide awake kids ready to run...and run they did. They were half way down the street by the time I dropped off my first paper and they kept going. Our block is about half a kilometre and they ran down our street and Greenfield a couple of times, so by the time they were done Rebecca had run about 3km and Mitchell about 2 1/2km (he helped me do papers). I couldn't believe it as I watched them running the whole time, crazy kids! I think they are planning on doing Boogie the Bridge, so I better get going if I want to do it with them! (Boogie the Bridge is a big family, community run that we have every April started by Jo's amazing, fun, energetic and really promotes being healthy and happy!)
What makes me really happy is that I think I have "MORNING" kids! Kids who like mornings and who have energy in the morning, because it's my favourite time of day!

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