Thursday, May 21, 2009

Mitchell turns 10!!

Hard to believe my Mitchell turned 10 on May 21st. My last baby and my only boy. What a treasure and I know I am biased but he is such a nice boy! All his teachers love him because he is kind and helpful. He's also pretty smart, makes up his own spelling lists! He is in Grade 4 this year and loves to play basketball, soccer and baseball. Not too keen on going to watch his sister's dance sure he can find something better to do but he goes anyway.
This is a picture Maranda Schwarz took about 5 years ago, time goes so fast.

Loved this picture, he had hurt his ear but was still hungry. Can't believe I've forgotten how he did it but not surprising, maybe one of his sisters will remember!

Rebecca and Mitchell and all you need to have fun.....a big box. I don't know if they would sit this nicely together any more!

Happy Birthday Mitchell! We love you lots!!

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