Thursday, January 08, 2009

Smith-Mecham Reception

The beautiful bride and groom......Chet and Angela (Smith) Mecham.

Terry and Mary Smith....... realizing this is their fifth child married with one left to go.......... hang in there Mary, just one more reception!!
Melodie surrounded by admirers! We can just hear little Wyatt telling Kevin: "Hey Kevin, I'm DANCING with YOUR girlfriend!" We all had to laugh because apparently he said this to Kevin once when he was sitting next to Melodie..... "Hey, Kevin, I'm sitting next to your girlfriend!"

Melodie even got Mitchell up on the dance floor a few times, we were so impressed.

Isn't this just the cutest little fellow, he is Steven ( Kevin and Angela's brother) and Charisse's littlest!
Me with my sweetie, I took the kids up early to Salmon Arm so we could help if they needed it and Don came up after work. I was so happy to see him and he's wearing his new Christmas shirt!
Had to take a picture of this beautiful cake that their friend Laura made (Miranda Poitrie's mom). It was absolutely stupendous and this is only one layer, there were three altogether (this is a Maranda Schwarz angle!!)

Well Kevin may not have been able to make it since he is serving a mission in Minneapolis, Minnesota but he was certainly here in spirit! This is his brother Steven, reading a letter he wrote to Chet and Angela..... we were all laughing like crazy, it was typical Kevin and we sure missed him!
Believe it or not, MITCHELL took this picture and we loved it! It was our picture of the night, Melodie and Vanessa together again dancing insanely. The only ones missing were Danielle and Tim but luckily we will see them in a couple of weeks when they come to visit!

Vanessa with her friend Andrew Cooper. Vanessa seems to be surrounded by boys these days, we have a hard time keeping track of them all! With Rebecca coming up I don't think this will end anytime soon!

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