Wednesday, January 07, 2009

Jumping back into January!

January and I'm finally back on! Putting some pictures on that I snapped over Christmas holidays! It was so good to have the time off, to relax, rest and just have fun together as a family. I totally hibernated and tried not to go anywhere unless I absolutely had to! Having a ton of snow outside helped or it was a good excuse.

It's back to craziness with school, lessons and basketball but just having the break helped!

My Melodie home for Christmas, we missed Danielle and Tim! Most days we are down to 3, Vanessa, Rebecca and Mitchell.
Rebecca is getting so tall and grown up, everyone mistakes her for Vanessa because they are starting to look so alike!

Two best friends together again!!

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Amanda said...

Hey Kassandra,

Came across your blog....feel free to keep up on mine! Loved the pictures of you and Don before you were married!


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