Sunday, March 25, 2007

Sunday Dinners

This is last Sunday just after dinner. As you can see we regularly have cute boys over, gee I wonder why! This is Kevin Smith (from Salmon Arm) and his cousin Geordie Murray (from Victoria) visiting from Salmon Arm. Geordie was buying a truck here in Kamloops and since they had to bring Melodie home from Salmon Arm they stayed for supper. Sunday dinners have been pretty busy lately, we often have people over and thank goodness for the girls! I usually have one of them make the dessert, one of them do the salad, one of them peel potatoes and then we all do dishes, so it ends up being pretty easy!Not sure what I'm going to do when they all leave home and I have to do it myself. Then again I won't have to shop for 3 hours every few days to keep food in the house.........It has been spring break this week and so we have been going through more food than usual, have to admit my favourite question is "What's for lunch?".....not....... I just give them the look, LEFTOVERS....... Good grief its hard enough coming up with ideas for supper, I am not going to wrack my brains for breakfast or lunch!!! There's cereal in the cupboard and bread on the shelf.........Can you tell I'm ready for school again!!!
Melodie is still in school though, a little choked that everybody else gets to sleep in..... she is so looking forward to being done in April. Then she'll have 2 years left.
We all want summer......and the weather has been so funny, warm and then rainy, even a few days with snow. April is around the corner though.........and that means mowing the lawns!!! Oh well, we've had a nice long winter break........

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