Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Missionaries Coming and Going!

Here are our cute girls Vanessa and Melodie with Will Hara! Will just returned from his mission in February. He served as a missionary for the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints in Japan. The neat part is that his father George served in the same area. Although he is Japanese, Will did not speak it except the little that he learned in school. When he was talking at the Collingridges he mentioned that it took him about 6 months to be able to carry on conversations and about 9 months before he felt really comfortable! I had to laugh, it is a miracle to me that someone can learn another language in 9 months, our missionaries are so blessed!

Don is pretty excited, well we all are because Andrew Lamb is still on his mission in England and we have 3 young men coming up.........Mark Jensen was called to Paraguay and his brother Corey and Lorne Razeau should both be getting their calls this week. We also have 3 more coming up this year so lots of missionaries serving from our ward by the end of the year. Kind of fun because Don as Bishop can check online now and know when the Salt Lake office gets their applications and when they are sent!

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