Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Bishop Mathieson

I am including a couple pictures of Don serving as Bishop here in the Kamloops 2nd Ward. His two counselors right now are Cam Pierson and Doren Quinton. In the picture at the bottom are Jack Sabey, his Ward Clerk and Armand Pinegar who is the Executive Secretary.
Don has been serving now for just over 3 years so we expect he will probably be doing it for another couple, they are usually called for anywhere from 4-6 years. He started out with Doug Armstrong and John Franks as his counselors but that was changed just in this last year. I know although it has been a tremendous amount of work, he has learned so much and grown so much in the last few years. Don has been so grateful for his counselors and the real help they have been many, many times.
I have worried about him so often but have seen the Lord help him in so many ways. We know that he is being prayed for, strengthened and looked after every day. I have seen him counsel, pray, worry and never give up on people and wonder how he carries on. We both have seen "tender mercies" of the Lord in too many instances to ever doubt that what Don is doing is always being directed by the Lord! Prayers have been answered, calls have been made, work has went forth and continues to go forth every day. I have to say that I loved the man he was before but am amazed and impressed at the man he has become and continues to try to be! We have been so blessed and are so grateful to have each other. I pray that each of our children will have the same blessings in their choice of eternal companion!

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