Sunday, January 12, 2014


Don and I went to see "Frozen" yesterday afternoon and it was such a fun movie to watch! (We realized after we got in that we were the only ones there without a little one….Mitchell wouldn't come, sigh!) I loved the special effects, the animation and the music!! Apparently, the movie crew based much of the snow and ice from what they saw in Norway and they did a wonderful job!!  My girls would love it I know. 

Have to admit one of the highlights for me was the little "Mickey Mouse" cartoon "Get a Horse" at the beginning!! From a design perspective it was absolutely amazing. They started out with the original black and white and then added so much depth and originality with colour and depth and sheer fun….it gave you a real sense of how far we have come technology wise in regards to what we can do on screen!! Anyone else see it and love it?

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