Wednesday, January 01, 2014


To think that today is the start of a new year, it doesn't seem real sometimes how quickly time passes. I can't say I'm disappointed to leave last year behind….we had some good times and some bad times. It's not a year I would ever do again but I want to focus on what I'm grateful for.

I'm grateful to have started back to TRU and to be learning Digital Art and Design even though it has made me really stretch and I have had to learn to make the most of my time.

I'm grateful that my Danielle and Tim have moved back to town so I can see my grandchildren more often. It has been such fun to see them on a more regular basis.

I'm grateful for this last year with Rebecca who will graduate next year and be off to the University of Lethbridge. I will miss her tremendously.

I'm grateful to have been able to watch my Mitchell play sports this year. He plays with such intensity and spirit, it's always a joy to see his enthusiasm.

I'm grateful for my Don who is always there for me. He has been my foundation and strength this year. I love being able to talk to him about everything and that we have been able to be there for each other always.

I'm grateful for my three married daughters, for Danielle, Melodie and Vanessa and for their husbands. Each of their relationships seem to be filled with love. What a wonder that is and a blessing, that my 3 girls are happy in their marriages.

I'm grateful that I've been able to continue teaching Seminary and for Brother Allen's help so that I've only had to teach 2 days a week. I love learning the gospel and having discussions about what I'm studying and reading about with my Seminary youth.

I love going to church. I love the spirit I feel there, that no matter what I am going through I can feel the calm, the peace and the love of the Saviour there.

I love technology. I love how there is so much out there to learn and am constantly amazed at how quickly the world is changing.

I love photography and the camera class I was able to take this year. I love being able to capture images on film that make me smile and that make my heart happy.

I love reading. Love reading. There is so much to learn, to inspire, to grow and to escape to in reading. From textbooks, to novels, to magazines…I can always be happy with something to read.

I love my home, being able to be rest and relax here. I love spending time with my family here, having meals with them and heartfelt discussions. I've always been able to love being home.

I'm grateful to be an artist and a writer. I hope to continue to develop them both this year.

What will this New Year bring? Hope for a better tomorrow….That there is light at the end of every tunnel, even though you have to look hard sometimes!

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