Thursday, November 01, 2012


Well it was certainly a quiet Halloween last night at our house although we had a record number of kids at the door! Mitchell had decided not to go trick or treating to my surprise! So he stayed home with me and let me answer the door, even though it was often a group of cute girls hoping to catch a glimpse of him! Thank goodness Melodie stopped by and told him to come trick or treating with her. So he quickly threw on a pink cowboy hat, pink bandana and his BB gun and off they went. I think Melodie was glad she grabbed this wig because it made it hard to guess how old she was...apparently she hadn't been trick or treating in about 8 years. He came home a happy boy with a bag full of treats, just enough to be fun but not so much to be sick!

So there you go Mitchell....I know it's hard to have 4 sisters, but they do come in handy sometimes.

By the way, I couldn't post the pink...a cowboy needs to be country, in sepia...

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