Saturday, January 01, 2011

Happy New Year 2011

The first day of 2011 and I wanted to be sure and post today. I have not been good about blogging this year and hope to be better. I follow so many wonderful blogs that are fun and informative! I want to do better.
I know what my WORD is this year!! Ali Edwards always picks one word to use for the year and I have decided today that my word will be FOCUS! I really need it, I need to procrastinate less, to work harder, to stay on task, to be focused. I want to focus on what is necessary, to cut out the time wasters and to focus on what is most important. How can I do this? By sticking to my daily tasks, to make sure I journal, read scriptures, to declutter and to make a to do list the night before! I hope that by being focused  I will get more done, be happier about myself and feel a sense of accomplishment at what I finish. I want to not only focus on taking pictures but on tellling the stories behind the pictures. My goal is 4 scrapped pages a month and at least that many blog posts. If I commit to one a week that might be doable for me. I want to focus on moving more and eating less. I also want to focus on family relationships especially on doing better at keeping in touch with my White family. Lots to work on and focus on this year but if I can keep that word in the forefront of my mind I am hoping it will help me this year.
So FOCUS is my word for 2011!!
...and what I will spend most of my focus on this year is my family,

and our sweet missionary Melodie!

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