Thursday, January 07, 2010

My Babies on Santa's lap!

Kind of sad that my babies are not babies anymore! Here are Rebecca and Mitchell sitting on Santa's lap at the ward Christmas party! I was lucky to get a picture of Mitchell because he didn't sit there long.... I miss having no "Santa believers" at my house but have to admit life is certainly easier with older kids:
   *No more having to walk them up to the school doors, just drop them off..
   *No more getting up at crazy, early hours Christmas morning...
   *No more putting away breakables, just putting away books, shoes, coats, backpacks, etc.
   *No more giving baths, they all shower themselves
   *No more fixing breakfasts and lunches, they fend for themselves as long as you buy food
   *No more tying shoelaces, now we are just trying to find shoes
   *No more chasing kids back to the dinner table, they sit and visit and eat
   *No more guessing what they want, they'll be happy to give you lists
         then again,
   *No more sticky fingers, cute little faces or sloppy kisses....... I miss my babies!

1 comment:

Mandy said...

Hugs to you Kasandra. As much fun (little sarcasm) as it was to clean up baby powder explosions, egg slip and slide, milk, cat litter/food, shredded paper, marker, sprinkles, paint primer, raisins, play dough etc... I know I will miss these days. It's always a trade off. They learn something new, but then they stop doing something else.


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