Thursday, March 27, 2008

Thum, Germany

After Prague we headed for Thum, Germany. We needed 3 buses whenever we travelled! Thum is just this little town but Nadine and I loved it, way less tourists, quieter and just fun. We were only here for a day, stayed at a hostel for the first time but were able to do a little shopping and found some chocolate for our family. I found the cutest little butterfly hoodie for Rebecca!

This is the first hostel we stayed at, this one was pretty much like a university dorm! You picked up your sheets and then brought them back down the next morning. You shared the bathrooms with half the floor so long line ups for showers. Breakfasts were buffets that you just went and helped yourself......... breakfast was interesting in Europe. Most of them had buns, meat (like the sliced deli kind) and lots of cheese. Occasionally you could get a boiled egg, yogourt or cereal (corn flakes or muesli) but not always, so basically you were eating a meat and cheese sandwich for breakfast most mornings. They always had nutella as well!!

I know I look like the Pillsbury dough boy in almost all the pictures of me!...but we were told to layer and layer I did! I almost didn't bring this jacket but Don picked it out and said I would need it.....he was sooo right. Some days were downright cold especially with the wind. What was funny was that some members of the tour were glad I was wearing pink, amongst all the black and dark blue jackets they could always find me and know they were heading in the right direction, lol..

Here's Mr. Ed Schnellert with the OKM band. They were able to have a practise session with the band in Thum and they did soooo good. They really are an awesome band and so fun to listen to. Nadine's son Jeremy played a saxophone solo with a girl from Germany and they did well considering it was pretty spur of the moment! We had a BBQ that night, which in Germany was a potluck! So all the families brought lots of food and we all ate downstairs, danced and listened to lots of English music.....

Couldn't resist taking this picture of a billboard in McDonalds (this was actually back in the Czech Republic) because its all in the czech language and the money is in crowns. We had fun trying to order but a lot, most people in Europe speak 2, 3 or even more languages! One of our guides said she only spoke 5, now her mother was really smart because she could speak 11!! Eleven languages!!!!! How could you keep them all straight in your head, insane!! So my measly 1 and a half just doesn't cut it!! So here you are, McDonalds was in every major city and we even found quite a few Burger Kings!

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