Tuesday, March 25, 2008


I am writing again.......thankful for a gentle reminder from my friend Marj Cooper! She mentioned that she checks my blog and that I haven't written anything since Feb 9 and I realized that I just need to get started again.

I have been gone the last couple of weeks to EUROPE!!!..... and writing about it seems like a mammoth task, at least in Hawaii I wrote from there but this time I didn't bring my laptop, we had such a busy itinerary and I wasn't sure how secure things would be. Anyway, it will never get written if I don't start, LOL.......

Appreciate all you who read this, especially grateful for wonderful friend bloggers who take the time to write a little note!

So my friend Nadine Edis called me the beginning of March to see if I wanted to go to Europe with her! (Technically speaking her husband Warren phoned Don first...... and asked how he would feel about sending his wife to Europe!! Don came to the table with a big grin on his face....) I want to mention how grateful I am to my whole family who were so happy for me and who totally took care of the house while I was gone! It had to be tough but they were so good about it..... I did make sure I brought lots of presents home and chocolate!!
Nadine and I, with one of the other "Shadow Tour" group members Olesia Thompson (Lesia). We are waiting at Okanagan Mission Secondary School to head for Vancouver and then London and then Europe!

Wanted to post this picture so you have an idea of the mammoth task this was. Nadine and I were traveling with her son Jeremy's band. This consisted of Grades 10, 11 and 12 and it was 120 students. We also had about 30 adults with chaperones and extra parents (shadow tour). From the beginning, Mr Schnellert the band director had the kids lined up in a "centipede" with their chaperones in front of them and this is what we did every time we went anywhere.... to count heads and make sure we didn't lose anyone. So keeping track of 150 people, all their luggage and band instruments..... being late was NOT an option! Anyone late really regretted it.....

In Vancouver heading for London's Heathrow Airport (the worst one I've been in!!!)

Our first hotel and only hotel in Europe was in Prague, Czech Republic. Nadine and I were on two different flights so she got in about 7 that night and I didn't get in until midnight. There is about an 8 hour time difference so we were into tomorrow when it was still yesterday at home, lol...... It was a wonderful hotel, they have heated towel racks in Europe!! From the beginning realized everything took about 3 times as long because of the amount of people and the line ups! But we were in Europe!!!!!! We had to laugh because every time it rained we would remind ourselves that at least it was Prague Rain!!! Will write more tomorrow.....

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Becky K said...

K, I have to admit that I am completely jealous! I've never been out of the US (sad, I know, though I at least have lived out of UT. whew!) but that would be an awesome trip. I hope one day to travel to Europe.

I've thought about you lately & wondered what you were up to. I'm glad you have been doing such fun things like that.

And I'm glad you are back to blogging. Have a great day!


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