Tuesday, October 24, 2006

It's definitely fall here in BC, which means the trees are turning yellow and falling and its cold in the morning and at night but we still get some pretty warm afternoons. The saddest sight for me is looking out the window above my sink and seeing our pool gray because its covered, the summer is always so bright because its a nice fun blue. I am doing lunch duty at the school and have to admit, sure like being outside during that hour just taking in the last of the sunshiny days! The field is full of busy, happy little soccer players. Because its cooler I have to push myself outside but once I'm out there I sure like it....... but I'm usually just hopping in and out of the van. Halloween is coming and still need to get candy, if I get it too early it just disappears!...and I wish I could say it's the kids......have a happy October!

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