Sunday, December 01, 2013


Well I can't believe that the end of a semester is here! I finished my last class on Friday and am just finishing up my two other projects this weekend. I thought I would post another poster that was an assignment for one of my classes. We were asked to combine image and type to come up with a poster that used Adobe Photoshop in our Graphic Design course.

 I was really happy with this one because I was able to use my Melodie's missionary pictures and put them into large type letters. I then used one of our pictures of Macchu Picchu, made it BW and reduced the opacity and placed it behind the letters. Because we were asked to use certain words, I chose the word CULTURE and added some extra words around the letters to represent the differences in culture. I just hope Melodie is as happy as I am with it….I'm looking forward to showing it to her because she will have some good ideas for it!

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