Saturday, July 27, 2013


It was quite the experience to be in the Kamloops Marathon this morning! I decided to start with the 5K because I have been using the 5K Runner app on my iPhone. I thought it would be fun to have a goal and this run was perfect timing considering it was my last day of being 46!! I'm grateful for my two girlfriends Shauna and Paula who have been walking and running with me for years because it certainly helped me today. What I haven't been doing enough is hills and that made it harder today. There are a lot of hills around TRU and I was running them today! Have to admit, we still miss Boogie the Bridge but now that they hold it on Sunday, we haven't been running it!

I was especially grateful for my family who showed up to cheer me on, I'm hoping they will run with me next year...although I'm pretty sure my kids will leave me in the dust!! The pictures are thanks to Don who happily took over my camera as long as he could shoot in Sports Mode!! I'm thinking of doing our church sponsored 10K in September! There really is something exhilarating and fun in running with a crowd of others and having to cross a finish line that makes you work that little bit harder! Anyone want to join me in September? Let me know....

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