Tuesday, June 18, 2013


I know June isn't over yet but I still decided to post some of my favourite pictures from this month! I have lots but picked these 6 because they are just special...and because some of them I'm amazed that I was even able to get them! So here we go:

My friends asked me to take some family grad pictures and this turned out to be my favourite! Here is Mikayla trying not to cry because her Aunt Shauna was trying not to! It turned out to be so cute....
Since I was already at Riverside Park taking grad pictures, my Rebecca saw me and had me follow her around with my camera! I loved this one...these 2 REBECCA's have been such good friends over the last few years...they have both played on the Norkam basketball team and I know my Rebecca is going to miss her friend so much! They're both putting on their basketball serious face when they are both such jokesters!!!  It's "Rebecca squared!!!" 
I was so happy to get this picture!! I was taking some pictures of my friends girls when I saw their little brother on the bench fooling around! I asked him to sit up on the bench and smile at me, I quickly changed my focus and got this picture!! It was perfect.....He's such a cutie!!
Lots of fun pictures at my daughter Vanessa's grad but I really loved this one of my girls....it's just so them!!!

I take lots of pictures at Mitchell's soccer games and of course I get lots of pictures of Mitchell but it's always a bonus when I can snap some good ones of the other players and I was so happy with these 2! It just shows their  intensity and willingness to play hard!!  

So there you go.......some favourite June pictures!

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