Sunday, January 06, 2013


Happy 26th Birthday Danielle! Had fun making this and hoping you like it! Hard to believe you will be a Mom again in a few weeks...thinking of you lots and sending love your way. I think you will love these pictures of Everett!

I had fun learning to make movies on iMovie this time! I'll be sure to send you the photos! Feel free to take a look at some other videos I have made with is my Vanessa Pierson's Wedding slideshow and the other is my Melodie Smith's  wedding slideshow! 

2 comments: said...

Very nice Kasandra! You will have to give me some pointers on how to use imovie!! Happy birthday Danielle!!

Danielle Mathieson Pederson said...

What an amazing video! Definitely made me tear up. It really highlights all the wonderful points of your photography Mom! It was a great birthday surprise! :D Thank you! (and thanks for the birthday wishes Sue!)


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