Wednesday, September 12, 2012


I've been wanting to scrap this page after seeing Hannah Clark's Shabby Melody kit, just had to find the right pictures. Although all of my kids have played piano, Vanessa was the one who practised without being asked or told to... and who went the farthest in lessons. I really do love to hear the piano, no matter what stage they are at. I know some people wince at the "plunk, plunk" of the new little ones but I always loved listening to them. My favourite time of the day was making supper while one of my kids was practising piano in the made everything right in the world!

My advice, start them early, not too early but once they are teenagers too many other things take precedence and the piano gets forgotten. During the elementary years, piano music makes your house a home!

Scrapbooking Notes:

HClark Shabby Melody Kit
KPertiet Starglows No1
Fonts: Impact, Century Gothic

Not sure I would fill the word again if I have a blended photo...thinking it looks too busy. I loved Hannah's frame and was happy with how it framed Vanessa. I'm using Cathy Zieske's Tips for Better Types when I journal which has helped a lot.


Vanessa Pierson said...

Beautiful beautiful beautiful! Thank you so much Mom :) I love the letters. Amazing page

Hannah Clark said...

This is so beautiful! I love the journaling and the way you put the photos into the title! Another gorgeous layout!

Danielle Mathieson Pederson said...

Great job! What a nice page :D


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