Sunday, May 13, 2012


Happy Mother's Day to my Mom! It's hard to visit when she's so far away (my Mom, Reina Granger lives in Coldbrook, Nova Scotia) so thank goodness for the phone. I was so grateful to be with her last month at my brother's funeral. Not only can we talk and laugh together but we were able to grieve together. She was heartbroken and in shock...there is nothing harder than losing your child. I have lots of wonderful memories of my mother and how hard working she was....she held our farm together when Dad was out working. Can't say I ever milked a cow, but I know she did!! So this page is for my MOM:

My list of supplies:

Thy Mother's Glass

KPertiet Fairy Dreamer Paper
KPertiet Starglows 2
KPertiet Oversprayed Love
KLewis Just Another Day
Carina Gardiner Daisy Flower
Taylormade Expression Family

Scraplifted from Jana Morton's Cowgirls Page!

Thanks for looking!! 

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