Tuesday, June 08, 2010

Phone call from J. Bieber

Today was a busy day but am sure happy that: 1. Even though Don was in Clearwater we can still visit lots on the phone! 2. My young women worked hard tonight at helping with a move, bless their hearts. 3. Last of all, surprised to know that J. BIEBER phoned our house tonight but Rebecca was absolutely thrilled..........too bad it was Brother Bieber from Vernon who was phoning me!

Am including my post on facebook today. Have been following the three grateful ideas for awhile but ready to start something new although it has certainly made it easier to post. Tonight I had to really laugh when Rebecca came barreling up the stairs yelling, Mom, Mom guess who phoned??????

Wanted to mention that I found these free photoshop actions at Pioneer Woman's website and am loving trying them. This picture has had the "boost, colorized and burnt edges" actions done to it. Makes it fun to make the pictures pop.

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