Thursday, August 27, 2009

Camping in Lac la Hache

Camping always means lots of dishes.........but it also means lots of food too and that's always fun!

We went on a nature walk and it ended up being quite the adventure because we had to clear a lot of the trail.......I use "we" loosely here since it was Don and Ryan most of the time but even Darci helped! Here I took a picture of Sam and Zac resting with Superman snacks!
The kids were pretty excited because Dad took them fishing!

We had to laugh because Ryan and Darci brought the biggest tent we had ever seen! They borrowed it from a friend because Darci gets claustrophobic. We could have had a party in this Taj Mahal!

I had fun getting these pictures! These squirrels were so tame and were coming up and eating right out of Ryan's hands! Then I caught this one climbing up!

We decided to take some couple pictures while we were there and we happened to catch this beautiful sunset!
The kids took some pictures of Don and I! We celebrated our 24th wedding anniversary while we were camping!

Group pictures while we were on our adventure hike!

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