Sunday, July 01, 2007

Cherries Galore and Fishing Adventures

Rebecca and Mitchell were great helpers.......they pitted cherries for a good hour and a half! It really helped me because I could then concentrate on just canning. Of course, what helped was knowing that for every 7 jars we did a MacDonalds treat might be in the picture! Hey bribing is always good when the result is good!!! So we did 21 jars of cherry pie filling and 7 jars of cherries and still have lots to go!
Here they are with purple kitchen is pretty much purple too!
Filling up empty jars is satisfying and a big part of summer!
Couldn't resist taking pictures of our loaded trees!
In 6 years this is probably the best crop of cherries we've had. Sure missed my Mom and Dad today. Dad was here one summer and went to town on my cherry trees, he had picked about 9 buckets before I could stop him!! Thought of my Mom today too and wished she were here, we used to love picking strawberries together and I know she would love to be here picking cherries! Not sure if she would like the tall ladder, lol.........but its so fun to pick fruit that is so plentiful and big!! It took us a long time to pick a little bucket of wild strawberries!!
Had to add these pictures! Don was so excited to take us fishing on Friday! He and Mitchell had went fishing at this spot when they were on their father/son campout and apparently there were tons of fish!
Well today was not our lucky day because there was not one fish to be found!
The kids sure had fun learning to cast from Dad though.........and I'm sure it brought back memories for Don who's Dad was an avid fisherman!!Even our Vanessa had fun......I think!

And then there's me.........I know, I know......boring, but I did carry stuff and I had fun organizing Don's ratty old tacklebox that he inherited from his Dad that we have carried around with us for over 20 years.........glad it finally came in useful!!! lol..........

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