Sunday, February 25, 2007

Vanessa's Busy Week

As you can see Vanessa has had a busy week, for Science she was asked to build en edible cell! So she spent all night making a pizza (and she made a double batch so we could have some for supper, yeah!) that incorporated all the things you can find in a cell.
Crazy kid..... apparently it was eaten in class the next day!! (except for the onion and hot dog!)

Here she is posing for her basketball picture..... she is on the Brocklehurst Junior Team this year and plays hard, the coach told her she has great heart! They played in Penticton for the Okanagans on Saturday (they came second in the city) and so ended up playing 3 games, where they lost 2 but won their last one!! It was a long but fun weekend!

Vanessa went down Friday with the team and we joined her on Saturday with the two little ones. Penticton is about 3 hours away so it was lots of driving..... thank goodness for our portable DVD player and for MacDonalds! We went there for lunch and the little robot man that Mitchell got in the happy meal kept him happy for the rest of the afternoon! Rebecca apparently is too old for happy meals (so sad), but her and Mitchell were so good about watching Vanessa's games..... we cheered lots and were so proud of her..........

Here we are, the Brocklehurst fans.......thank goodness it was her last tournament, but I didn't say that!!

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